Chris Potter
photo by Jan Kricke
Press Quotes

“The best saxophonist of his generation? In the opinion of many musicians and a growing number of observers, Chris Potter deserves that label, and his music suggests he can handle the responsibility.”

-- The Playboy Guide to Jazz

“…easily the most compelling saxophonist of his generation.”

-- Detroit Free Press

“ The emergence of Chris Potter as one of the most dynamic young players in jazz has been fascinating to behold.”

-- Chicago Tribune

“A tenorist who can remind you of Joe Henderson at his craftiest, he employs his considerable technique in the service of music rather than spectacle.”

-- The New Yorker
“Young, prodigiously talented saxophonist Chris Potter doesn’t get quite as much ink as, say James Carter or Joshua Redman, but he could show those whiz kids a thing or two.”

-- Entertainment Weekly
“His work is remarkably free of cliches and default licks….daring yet precise, with clean edges and unexpected implications….he is something special.”

-- Down Beat